Custom Dentures and Partials

Having a viable, functional bite is essential to eating a nutritious diet, being able to talk on the phone, or even feel confident smiling in photos. But if you’re plagued by missing teeth or need to have numerous dental extractions, smiling or eating may seem impossible.

An Efficient and Economical Option

One of the fastest and most affordable way to predictably replace missing teeth is with a denture. Full and partial dentures allow you to replace all of your missing teeth with a single, removable prosthesis. They’re often one of the most budget-savvy choices when it comes to full mouth rehabilitation. And if you need to have additional teeth taken out, we may even be able to arrange for a denture to be ready on the same day.

Partial vs. Full Dentures

Sometimes called “plates”, full dentures are a prosthesis that covers your entire upper or lower arch, replacing each of those teeth. Whereas a partial only replaces certain teeth and snaps into place around your existing healthy teeth (preventing additional extractions.)

Implant-Supported Options

There are certain types of dentures that can be adjusted to fit over dental implants. These appliances eliminate the risk of rocking or slipping while you wear them. Instead, it snaps into place over strategically placed implants and fits securely throughout the day. Overdentures can be removed at night, but an implant hybrid appliance is permanent.

Even if you’re thinking about getting dental implants, later on, dentures are an affordable interim solution to rely on until you’re ready.

Unsure Which is Best for You?

During your denture consultation, we’ll evaluate your oral anatomy, current lifestyle, and discuss your desired budget. Together, we’ll work through the most appropriate options and determine the best denture choice for your situation. Flexible financing plans are available!

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